2018 Ultimate Gift Guide for RV’ers

2018 Ultimate Gift Guide for RV’ers

We are a few months into full-time living in our 5th Wheel & absolutely loving it. But as we grow closer to the holidays, we’re contemplating how to move forward with gift-giving. What do we get for each other? What do you get for friends or family who live in an RV or tiny house? Hopefully, we can give you some insight & ideas for your 5th Wheel Wanderers. We’ve compiled a fun gift guide for all price ranges.

Disclaimer: Click on any image for a link to Amazon (minus Displate & Beddy’s)! We do make a commission off purchases but stand 100% behind the products we recommend. If you’re going to buy it anyway, we’d love it if you went through us!

Yeti Seafoam Mug

1. Yeti Mugs

I’ll admit, I’m a hardcore Starbucks-mug aficionado. However, when it comes to keeping my coffee hot (or cold) Yeti mugs are my go-to. Plus, they come in my favorite color (mint) & less girly ones for the men in your life. They offer many sizes/options & are a great affordable gift.

spice organizer
toothbrush holder
Can Organizer
over the door organizer

2. Organization

Am I the only one who finds being organized therapeutic? Can I see some hands?! Getting our rig organized and under control is still a work in progress. We wouldn’t mind a few of these things to help straighten out our chaotic closets. There’s also a couple gifts here that we’ve put into use (Can I get an amen for shoe racks?!).

deck of cards
Apples to Apples Game
Ticket to Ride Game
Settlers of Catan
Machi Koro Game

3. Board Games

We are a little old-fashioned & love to play board games. A current favorite of ours is Machi Koro—grab this one if you love strategy games. Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples, & even a 3 pack of playing cards are sure to keep you busy. Plus, if you ever find yourself boondocking with no power, you have these to fall back on.


4. Letter Board

If you or your friends don’t already have one of these, you must not be a full-timer. Kidding, kidding. But really, these are a fun & Instagram friendly way of expressing yourself and they’re all the rage. You can change the sayings as often as you want & it’s a way to keep your space constantly changing and fresh.

5th Wheel Wanderers Water bottle
5th Wheel Wanderers Women's Tank-top

5. 5th Wheel Wanderers Swag

Yes, yes, this IS a shameless plug. However, our gear is pretty awesome. We have anything from tank-tops and sweatshirts to camping mugs. You & yours can sport our #5thWheelWanderers hashtag or our cool logo. Either way, any 5ers in your life will love to rep the movement. Check out our Spreadshirt shop here.

World Map Decor

6. World Map Decor

We have this wood-decor navy blue map that we adore. It fit our space perfectly. We figured someone else may love it as much as we do” 

Perch Magnetic Wall Storage Containers

7. Perch Magnetic Wall Storage

I know it’s more practical storage and organization pieces. I can’t help it. These are chic and stylish as well as practical. It’s the best of both worlds and a win-win for your modern Glampers.

Keurig mini coffee Maker in mint green

8. Keurig Mini

So, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Keurig (long-story) but I can’t get over how cute and compact these mini’s are! And yet again they have that color that I’m so partial too… oh and black. Pair one of these with some K-cups & you have a killer Christmas present that is small-space friendly.

Chemex Coffee pour-over

9. Chemex

For the more hipster of your coffee-loving RV’ers, consider the Chemex and/or a fancy kettle. You’ll be sure to see them wiggle excitedly as dreams of acidless time-consuming artisan coffee dances through their heads. But I’ll be honest, you can make a mighty fine cuppa Joe with one of these.

10. Displate Metal Print

I have to move away from coffee for a minute here and give a shout-out to Displate. They offer some of the coolest metal prints. If you’re convinced you know your friends’ style well, a splurge on one of these is a must. Or just pass them a gift card for the site. They’ll love it. Plus, for every displace purchased, they plant ten trees. I didn’t copy over any of the photos, but someday I hope to be displaying one of these pieces on a wall for y’all to enjoy.

Beddy's Bedding

11. Beddy’s Bedding

I’ve seen these featured on a few of my favorite Instagrammers pages. It’s this awesome bedding that you can easily zip-up in the morning when you make the bed. While we don’t have a set yet, it’s on my wish-list! Some of the styles even have a mink-like fabric lining the inside. Swoon-worthy.

12. RV Membership Clubs

Membership Club’s can save a lot of money for full-timers, Weekend Warriors & everyone in between. There are a lot of options—KOA, Passport America, Harvest Hosts, Good Sam, & Thousand Trails—just to name a few. Check them out and gift a membership, or invest in one yourself. So far we’ve purchased Passport America and we’ve already more than paid for that membership!

Last but not least…

I know this may seem like a cop-out, but gift cards are a safe and appreciated gift option. You may not know what is wanted or needed & we are thankful for anything. Plus, we truly enjoy the freedom to purchase exactly what we want for our little homes on wheels.

Do my fellow RV’ers agree? Is there anything you’d put on your Christmas wish-list? Comment below and let us know!


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