5th Wheel Parked at Rest Stop

The First 2 Days in Our 5th Wheel

The First 2 Days in Our 5th Wheel

When I first started writing this post it was going to be “Our first 8 weeks” which evolved into “Our first 30 days”. As you can see, it got whittled down to our first two days in our 5th wheel. There’s just too much to say to cram it all into one!

Driving Through Minnesota & Iowa

The day our journey began it was rainy & we had spent the majority of the day cramming any remaining items wherever they’d fit. By the last hour, we were just leaving whatever we could to be donated. If we didn’t need it, it was staying put. We packed everything in the interior tightly into place, locked it up, & hitched up. It took us a while to test our brake lights & back up the RV (for the first time, mind you) so we could pull out of the driveway.

The first Weigh-In

For the next 3 hours, we drove in the rain in the middle of rush hour traffic. Our Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) kept going off & we were an anxious mess. We made a stop midway at a roadside truckstop to weigh our truck & trailer. Dustin had already taken & weighed our truck earlier in the day, so we could subtract the truck weight from our total.

We pulled our truck & 5th wheel onto the scale & hit the button to speak to someone to record the weight. They ask for your trucker number but we just stated it was a personal vehicle. Once completed, we pulled through & off to the side so Dustin could run in & pay the fee to find out our weight. Turns out, we were WAY TOO HEAVY. Our 5th wheel had a lot of weight in it. It was enough for the trailer to handle, but we were certainly going to be stressing the tires. When we tried to get back on the road, we got ourselves stuck in a giant puzzle of semis and it took over 45 minutes to get ourselves back out.

We drove another hour or so to my sister’s in southern MN & were so tired that we missed their driveway—we had to drive another 5 minutes to just turn around and make our way back. 3 hours into our first trip, we decided that we would be replacing our tires the next morning. Our 5th wheel came in heavy & our TPMS was constantly going off saying our tire pressure was too high. We just couldn’t risk a blow-out when we had so far to travel.

Replacing the Tires

5th Wheel with new tires

After a great night spent with family, we woke up early the next morning and called local tire places until we found one that carried the Endurance tires everyone recommends. After an amazing French Toast breakfast courtesy of my sister, we dropped off our Wolfie to get the tires replaced. Brand new tires. But the upgrade was worth the money for some peace of mind.

We ran some errands & took Bauer for a walk around a small lake. Within a couple hours, we were back on the road. Our timeline was a little messed up, so we chose a destination that we would arrive at before it got dark. It was an RV Park in the middle-of-nowhere off the freeway in Nebraska.

Oh, and all we did was literally just drive through Iowa to get to Nebraska, but we went through it so I couldn’t really leave it out now could I?


Driving through Nebraska was the smoothest part of our journey. The roads were flat & straight with zero road construction. 5th wheel heaven.

Our 1st RV Park: Double Nickel Campground

5th Wheel Parked at Double Nickel Campground

Double Nickel was the 1st RV Park we ever stayed at. In fact, we had intended to do a practice run in MN before we officially became “full-timers”. Alas, time ran out & we realized for our first run we’d be all in. It was nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Truly a grand adventure.

We had a beautiful spacious pull-through spot under a large shady tree with a view of the neighboring golf course.  Our spot even had its own double swing that we could’ve sat in for hours. There was a small fenced in dog-park for Bauer within minutes of our spot. We would gladly have stayed there longer if we didn’t already have a reservation in Colorado.

It was also the first time we’d completely set up our rig. We unhitched from the truck, set our wheel chocks in place, and leveled. Dustin and I went our separate ways—he hooked up the water, electrical, and sewer—while I put out our slides & made the inside habitable. I make it sound easy, but we put a lot of research into how to do all of this correctly.

We took our first showers in the 5th wheel. I was super nervous because we hadn’t really tested showering with the new water heater we had installed. We didn’t know what the water pressure was going to be like & if it was going to stay consistently hot. But it worked perfectly. I breathed a sigh of relief. Oh, FYI, we will write a review on this particular water heater but that’s another post for another day.

We ate a quick dinner just utilizing the microwave, and we headed to bed to catch some Z’s before our early morning wake-up call. There’s nothing like going to sleep in your RV for the first time & realizing that it’s now your home. It felt so bizarre yet so right. Our dream was finally becoming a reality.

Do our 1st two days sound like yours? Does anyone have any fun or crazy stories from their first trip?


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jwc - October 23, 2018

Awesome… so excited for you guys and this adventure!!!

    jendubose7 - October 23, 2018

    Thanks J! We are pretty excited too. We hope to have some great stories for y’all to hear about 🙂

Ellie Wallin - October 26, 2018

So glad you thought my French toast was divine 😉

    jendubose7 - October 26, 2018

    Ha you know it!

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