Refinished Modern Table

Modern Makeover: Refinishing Our Dining Room Table

Refinished Modern Table

Items Needed:

  • Drill (or screwdriver)
  • Electric Sander (Or paper…)
  • Silver Spray-Paint
  • Paint of Choice
  • New Table Legs

Hey Y’all! While this post is a little more specific to Arctic Wolf owners, you can take what we applied in our design and utilize it for any tabletop. While there was nothing wrong with the table and chairs that came with our 5th wheel, it didn’t really fit our style. We wanted something more modern and sleek. We loved the fact that the top was hinged and there is actually storage inside the top base, so we didn’t want to just replace it with something else. Read on to see how we did our modern table makeover! 

Our first step was to remove the table base, which we simply unscrewed (Dustin actually used the base as a sort of side table because we sold his…oops). We then sanded off the finish on the table down to the beautiful wood grain (pictured below). It took about 45 minutes for me to sand the entire piece using a circular sander.

We spray painted the hinges on the table top silver & reassembled the pieces once everything dried. We purchased the legs from Menards for $12 a piece, but you can also purchase them at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s or here on Amazon. We used some heavier-duty screws to attach them to the table. At this point, we decided to paint our table to match the interior of the 5th wheel. The top has a coat of white on it, just enough to cover—we still wanted the wood grain to show through. The side of the table is a deep navy blue. The beautiful & Modern finished product is below! Hinges painted silver!

There you have it, a really easy way to make a traditional table modern! I’ll repeat the steps for you here:

  1. Remove the base and sand the table top.
  2. Paint table and hinges desired color.
  3. Reassemble table top to top base.
  4. Attach legs to the table.

Straight on view of table
Finished tablgese showing painted hin


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