Our Adventurous 7 Days in Denver

Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods

7 Days in Denver

We left middle-of-nowhere beautiful Nebraska early in the morning to make it to Denver by early afternoon. Other than some miserable tolls that we may or may not still have to pay, the drive was pretty uneventful. I think there was some road construction, but it could’ve been worse.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cooking over Fire
Deer at Cherry Creek
Deer at Cherry Creek

When we first started researching places to stay near Denver (months earlier), we realized quickly we hadn’t given ourselves enough time. Every RV Park in the area that fit our criteria was booked out or far overpriced. We realized our stay in Colorado would be short-lived. I had previously overlooked Cherry Creek because there is very little info on the state website. But being one of our only options, we booked it for a week online & prayed it would work.

We pulled into the park & went through the manned gate & were directed where to go. A short drive later we pulled up near their campground building & checked in. I stayed in the truck with Bauer. I was beyond excited when Dustin emerged with an armful of firewood. He hopped back in and we pulled the 5th wheel around the loop to our space for the week.

Y’all, I have never seen such a spacious “spot”. The closest RV was probably over 100 feet away. We had a paved pull-through spot with some shady trees. We had our own picnic table & a small fire pit. It came equipped with sewer, water, & 50AMP electrical. The layout was a big circular loop around a central grassy area, with RV’s on opposite sides of the road with at least 100 feet of space between each. We could not believe how beautiful & serene it was—we were so lucky.

The campground was full of paved walking trails, a lake with a beach where you could swim or boat, and even a large off-leash dog park. We walked Bauer along some of the trails & even had a day where we encountered a doe & a fawn frolicking in the grass. Bauer was enraptured (and pretty frustrated that we wouldn’t let him go play, too). It will forever be one of our favorite places to stay.

The Delectable Egg

The Delectable Egg storefront

Cherry Creek is also within 10 to 15 minutes of pretty much anything you would need—Walmart, Target, Starbucks, & a multitude of restaurants (side note: in all of our travel plans, I always look to see how close the RV park is to a Starbucks, Target, an ER, & a vet for Bauer). One of those is our favorite breakfast place in the US of A, The Delectable Egg.

If you’re in Denver make sure you stop in. With 5 locations in the area, you’ll be sure to find one close. We always get a skillet (The Early Riser and The Idaho are awesome) & sometimes fresh fruit & biscuits and gravy. Oh and the Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast is to die for. It’s all so so good! You will not regret it. When (not if…) you go you better send us some photos. You can thank us later for the recommendation.

Red Rock Ampitheatre

Cherry Creek was within 45 minutes of Red Rock, which we had heard was somewhere we needed to try and get to. Unfortunately, every day we were there a concert or event was scheduled. We figured if we left right when I got off work (3pm) that we could get there in time to explore a little before the crowds started rushing in.

Boy were we wrong. 

We learned two things making this little trip:

1. Plan ahead.

2. Don’t go to Red Rock on an event day unless you can go early in the morning.

When we arrived and drove into the park, we couldn’t find parking. We went to back into a spot, only to get waved off because it was “being saved for somebody”. There was an easy trail that we wanted to go on since we have zero experience. After trying to figure out the maze of a map, we drove up to what we thought was a correct parking lot.

It would’ve been the perfect parking lot. If it wasn’t already taken over by event parking. And they were no longer letting people into the amphitheater. We attempted a trail off that lot with Bauer. But we knew within a minute that it was too difficult for us to even remotely try with a dog. Nope.

We made one last ditch effort & drove around the park & up the opposite side to get to the exact lot we wanted right next to the short & easy trail. Except it was also already blocked off for event parking. We could’ve parked on the side of the road and trekked through rows of cars to get to the trail on the other side. But we were already miserable and overwhelmed and badly wanted to leave.

Garden of the Gods

Wolf 5th Wheel Parked at Garden of the Gods

We didn’t actually go to Garden of the Gods until we left Denver, because Colorado Springs was on our route to Albuquerque. It was a short hour-long drive. We tried to do a little more research ahead of this one & called the office to verify where to park. They said we could easily park by the Visitors Center with our 5th Wheel. They also said we could go up to the main parking lot with it. Being that we had no way to get from the Visitors Center to the Garden, we just drove up to the main lot.

We squeaked into the parking lot and managed to snag some bus parking on the side. We also got a pretty sweet shot of our Wolfie up there in the rocks. It was a beautiful brisk morning as we walked into the Garden with Bauer. It’s really dog-friendly there, and it seemed like every other person came with their pet. We loved that we didn’t have to leave him behind. Dustin managed Bauer while I snapped as many photos as I could. We enjoyed this experience far more then Red Rock.

Until we went to leave.

Getting into the main parking lot is pretty easy. But there is only one way out. A steep, downhill, twisting and turning, terrifying downward spiral. I’d use more frightening adjectives buy Y’all get the drift. We were a nervous wreck. But I did manage to hang out the window and get my favorite shot of the entire trip (below), so it was worth it. But we don’t recommend making that drive while towing your 5th wheel.


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